CZAR Control Systems Will Save You Money!

Download our Payback Calculator to see how much you will save! Note, by clicking this link, you will download an excel file.

1. CZAR Control Systems are able to convert most any continuous flow grain dryer that is mechanically sound.

2. By accurately discharging grain at a target moisture , CZAR Control Systems will improve the efficiency of the grain dryer.

Note: CZAR Control Systems will not be able to improve the efficiency of the gas and electrical systems.

3. The CZAR Control Systems can show a system payback on purchase and installation of the complete system just from the savings incurred from over drying grain. The calculations are part of university studies and will typically show a return on investment in as little as one drying system.

4. With rising input costs such as fuel, electricity, maintenance and repairs, the end user now has an opportunity to ensure that his final sell-able commodity will have the correct moisture content for storage by ending the drying process at the correct time without wasting excess electricity and gas to over dry the product.

Over drying the final commodity also comes with an extra burden in the sense that the mechanical systems such as augers, bearings and all moving parts are working longer and/or more often which can create higher maintenance expenses.

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