What Sets CZAR Control Systems Apart?

In previous years the grain dryers would dry on temperature only with some single point moisture and or temperature sensors keeping the automatic discharge system working at the proper unload speed. Today, with automation, processors can gather large amounts of data and average this data to make trending type changes at high speeds. For instance, with the data collected, the processor can make calculated adjustments to the varying metering roll speeds against an operator inserted set point of the grain dryer while keeping up with the change field, variations and hybrid moisture changes.

Creating & Implementing CZAR Control Systems

The design of the CZAR Control System has come from over 30 years of in the field troubleshooting and repairs of existing grain dryers. A common problem that has always occurred in the automatic discharge system is that it is not accurate nor will it keep up to the changing incoming moisture. With CZAR Control Systems the end user can retrofit the existing columned grain dryer with the new technology without upgrading the entire dryer or site.

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