What Is Your Grain Dryer Doing While You Are Away?

The design of the CZAR Control System has come from over 30 years of in the field trouble shooting and repairing existing grain dryers. A common problem that has occurred in most automatic discharge systems is its inadequacy of not keeping up with the changing incoming moisture. The simple automation of the CZAR Control System allows the end user to retrofit their existing columned grain dryer without upgrading the entire dryer or site.

In previous years, grain dryers would simply dry on temperature with a single point moisture and/or temperature sensors keeping the automatic discharge system working at the set unload speed resulting in over or under drying of the commodity. The consequence of this inefficiency is not only the loss of feed and market value, but also excess waste of your purchased resources of LP fuel and electricity.

With the technology available today thru automation, processors can gather large amounts of data readings taken every minute, average these figures, and make trending type changes at high speeds while increasing your efficiency of time, LP, electricity and profitability of product. The processor makes calculated adjustments to the varying metering roll speeds against an operator inserted set point of limits while keeping up with the change of fields, hybrids and moistures, as well as temperature fluctuations.

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